Blue Ridge Hunt Hunter Pace Events
Trelawny Farm, Berryville, Virginia
Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hunter Pace Event     Hunter Pace over Fences
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Junior Optimum Time
1 Cooney, AmiraWhisper MOC Beagles/Middleburg Hunt
  Cooney, AngelaFoxfire Muse M.O.C. Beagles
2 Cooney, AmiraCalvin MOC Beagles/Middleburg Hunt
  Horn, AlexisHere Comes the Judge M.O.C. Beagles
Optimum Time
1 Cordeiro, BiancaLaddie
  Morgan, RuthBig Mac Daddy
     Open Hunter Pace over Fences
     Hunter Pace on the Flat
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Optimum Time
1 Smith, HollyThe Count Middleburg Hunt
  Pemberton, SydneyLynden's Sadie B. Hawkin Middleburg Hunt
2 Aquino, CarolineCooper OCH/MOC Beagles
  Jawer, LisaCash M.O.C. Beagles
     Open Hunter Pace on the Flat