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Orange County Hounds Hunter Pace Events
Harborvale Farm, 6313 Old Goose Creek Road, Middleburg, Virginia
Saturday, April 2, 2022

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     Hunter Pace over Fences
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Fast Time
1 Wales, NatalieSee Spot Run Orange County Hounds
  Hannum, ChloePersonal Start Orange County Hounds
2 Alexeeva, AliceTanks Piedmont Fox Hounds
  Steinhoff, AmandaVFE Simply Stunning Piedmont Fox Hounds
Optimum Time
1 Holz, CynthiaWant To Be Piedmont Fox Hounds
  Holtz, PhillipWin Bigley Piedmont Fox Hounds
2 Picking, EricaFinal Edition Orange County Hounds
  Curran, AbigailFiesta Orange County Hounds
3 Powers, MicheleHank Orange County Hounds
  Powers, RichardFoster's Boy Orange County Hounds
4 Driskill, WillWinnie Middleburg Hunt
  Busey, MadisonGallie Middleburg Hunt
     Hunter Pace on the Flat
Order Rider Horse Hunt
Flat - Junior Optimum Time
1 Woodson, BethVirginia Warrenton Hunt
  Wilvert, SydneyShane Warrenton Hunt
2 Tufts, CamdenPJ MOC Beagles
  Van Roy, AveryFreckles MOC Beagles
3 Arellano, SophieLeo M.O.C. Beagles
  Clancy, MilesSpider Man M.O.C. Beagles
4 Spreadborough, BradleyBoxer MOC Beagles
  Anderson, FionaStorm Orange County Hounds
4 Bryson, MaddieObi M.O.C. Beagles
  Schultz, AbbeyMickey M.O.C. Beagles
Flat - Optimum Time
1 Alred, GwenPatrick Piedmont Fox Hounds
  Stanford, LauraRiot's Maeve Loudoun Hunt
2 deWit, ShannonGrey Goose Rappahannock Hunt
  D'Alessandro, KristyDucati VT Rappahannock Hunt
3 Brown, AmyManley Cross Piedmont Fox Hounds
  Offutt, ErikaMidas Piedmont Fox Hounds