The Starter Reward Program will be in effect this spring for the Virginia Point to Points.  All Virginia trained or owned horses will receive $200 per start.  The Program is sponsored by the Virginia Equine Alliance.  

The Starter Rewards payments will be processed at the end of the spring point to point season.  An up to date W9 must be on file before payments are made. In order to expedite the payments, owners of eligible horses are encouraged to send a W9 to the VEA office at this time.  A W9 form can be found on the IRS website or go to:

Please mail the forms to: Virginia Equine Alliance, attn. Starter Reward Program, 38 Garrett Street, Warrenton, VA 20186.  






You can find all Race release forms, including the new COVID-19 screening form, on our

Grand National.jpg

Grand National winner Mike Smith's #4--Le Chevalier (McLane Hendriks) first Virginia horse to win this race since 1956 when Cyrus Manierre's Uncle Pierre (Laddie Murray) won.

uCocodimama Maisano.jpg

Adelstrop Hill's Cocodimama (Chloe Hannum) won the lady rider timber race at Old Dominion. Joanne Maisano photo

YaRokeby Bowl Lees.jpg

Kinross Farm's Just Wait and See (Chris Gracie) won the Rokeby Bowl at the Piedmont Fox Hounds Point to Point Douglas Lees photo

Z First Friday Lees.jpg

Four Virginia Gents' First Friday (Sophie Henelius) won the novice timber race at the Warrenton Hunt Point to Point. Douglas Lees photo

Z Novice Flat Lees.jpg

Wendy Hendriks' Embrace the Grind (Courtney Dankanich) won the novice rider flat race at the Warrenton Hunt Point to Point. Beverly R. Steinman's Marvari (Sophie Henelius-right) finished second. Douglas Lees photo.

Z Open Timber Race Clay.jpg

Armata Stables' Highway Prince (Skylar McKenna - red cap) won the open timber race at the Warrenton Hunt Point to Point. Armata Stables' Some Response (Teddy Davies) was second. Rich Clay photo

Z P Awesome Adrian Lees.jpg

Jane A. Reed's Awesome Adrian (Skylar McKenna) won the open flat race at the Warrenton Hunt Point to Point. Debra E. Kachel's Better Tapit (Courtney Dankanavich) finished second. Douglas Lees photo

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