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Please note that we provide entries, overnights, and results for sanctioned and non-sanctioned races held in Virginia and for non-sanctioned races held elsewhere. For full information on sanctioned races please go to The National Steeplechase Association.

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Meets for the current season are shown 2 weeks before they open for online entries.
Green text in the Date Column indicates the date entries open; red text indicates the date entries close.
Meet names in green are currently taking entries. Click on the meet name to go to the entry page.

Meet Date
4/23/23 12:00 PM
Loudoun Hunt Point to Point
4/12/23 12:00 PM
4/22/23 9:00 AM
Blue Ridge Hunt Hunter Pace Events
4/12/23 11:00 AM
4/16/23 1:00 PM
Blue Ridge Hunt Point to Point
4/5/23 11:00 AM
4/16/23 1:00 PM
Mount Harmon-Wicomico Point to Point
4/5/23 12:00 PM
4/15/23 12:00 PM
4/12/23 11:00 AM
4/9/23 1:00 PM
4/5/23 11:00 AM
4/8/23 12:00 PM
4/3/23 11:00 AM
4/8/23 10:30 AM
4/3/23 12:00 PM

Overnights & Results

If the Status for a meet is "Overnight," clicking on the meet name will open the overnight in a new tab.
If the Status is "Results," clicking on the meet name will open a page where you can view the Results, and access the Overnight, Pictures, and Articles.

Meet Date
4/2/23 10:15 AM
3/19/23 1:00 PM
3/18/23 12:00 PM